That awkward moment…

by girlwithaknife

… when the evening news and your work collide, causing your parents to freak out.  I was talking with my dad on the phone one evening.  Of course, being far away, he often worries about my safety.

Dad: Have you been hiking lately?
Me: Nope, not recently, haven’t had time.
Dad: Good.  Stop doing that.
Me: … Wait, what?  Why?!
Dad: There was a bear attack near you a couple of days ago, the poor person-
Me: sighing Dad-
Dad: was out in the woods and out of nowhere-
Me: Dad!
Dad: rising panic this bear came and attacked them and they were horribly injured! It was all over the news and-
Me: Dad!  I know.
Dad: Oh good.  It sounds like it was terrible, and-
Me: That’s one of my patients…
Dad: … Oh… sternly So you’re never going hiking again are you?


I’m pretty safety conscious anyway, perhaps even a little too cautious.  But if I worried about every type of injury I’ve seen, I’d tell you breathing is dangerous – you might choke!